Mental Health Day....

So a few months ago I had one of those know when things seem to go from bad to worse ....multiple times....I woke up late, only spoke with super cranky clients and then had another momma make passive aggressive comments about some (volunteer) work I had done. Ugh!

The last one rocked me.

I am all for women building each other up. We have enough people and circumstances trying to tear us down. I was sad and my feelings were hurt. 

I decided to take the next day as a Mental Health Day....a much needed day of rest and recovery.

Here is what my day looked like.....

First, I decided that there were a few words that would be eliminated from the day entirely. The BANNED words of the day were:

  • I must
  • I have to
  • I should


This mental health would be about listening to my body and honoring my feelings....NOT about putting pressure on myself.

Then, I took the day nice and slow....

  • I sipped my coffee in front of the fireplace.
  • I started a new book (pleasure, not self-helpy).
  • I took a nap.
  • I wrote in my journal.
  • I took a bubbly bath and read some more.
  • I took another nap.
  • I stood outside and waited for the kids to get off the bus.
  • I curled back up on the couch and we all read.
  • I ordered dinner to be delivered.
  • I went to bed early.

Nothing crazy, nothing new, nothing mind-blowing, I didn't even leave the house....I just let myself chill.

When was the last time you have taken a Mental Health Day... or even just a moment to let yourself chill. If you can't take an entire day, what about just a Mental Health Minute. 

I would encourage you to put yourself first this week and take time for yourself. Your body and soul will thank you.