Slower is Harder

Yoga this morning was slowwwwwwwww......

We moved in and out of plank to downward dog at a snails pace, repeatedly.

We stayed in our warrior series for what seemed like forever!

We took 'one more breath' in boat pose like 50 times....


....and my muscles were screaming.


When Jill ( my fav yoga instructor) said, 'Slow is Hard', a light bulb went on.... slow IS hard, slow is fucking hard!!


Slower is Harder in yoga and in life.

When was the last time you....

...went on a slow walk

...had a slow conversation

...had a slow morning

...had a slow work day

...had a slow meditation

...had slow sex seems to be all about the hustle and not about the slow

     .....about running from one task to the next with no pause

         .....we run ourselves so ragged that there is no time to settle into the moment

               ......the beautiful moments that are all around us.

Just like the benefits we get from slowing down in yoga, I believe we can reap those same benefits off the mat. When we slow down in yoga our muscles shaken, when we slow down in life our mind will go nuts... be prepared. Slow is Hard.

Here are some quick tips to help you slow down.

  • Take baby steps - When you notice something beautiful pause, that's a win! 
  • Buddy System - Tell someone that you are working on being more present. The accountability will help keep you focused.
  • Plan It - Schedule time to meditate, walk, journal, yoga. If it's not on our (super busy) calendar is it bound to get overlooked. 
  • Be Kind - this won't be easy, so be kind to yourself. Give yourself props when you are able to slow down and stay present... don't beat yourself up when you find yourself getting off track.

Would love to hear how you slow your roll every once and awhile... let me know!