Let's Build Each Other Up

My next Living on Purpose dinner party is fast approaching.... as I sit down to plan my content I start by reflecting on how the last dinner went.

All my dinners are amazing (and yes I like to keep my modesty in check ;) however at the last one something funky happened..

I found out that of the attendees was super skeptical and made some 'not so nice' comments to the ladies next to her about the content and vulnerability of the other peeps in the room.... uh say what?!

I feel like I am pretty damn clear about what my dinners are all about:

.... gathering kick ass women

     .... sharing good wine and food

          .... having inspiring and uplifting conversation         

               .... empowering each other to go after the life we want


So, why in the hell would someone sit there knocking the other women in the room. I just don't get it.... putting other people down does NOT make you cool.


.... it makes you look weak

    .... it makes you look sad

         .... it makes you look insecure


As I have said before, we need to stick together. We have SO many other people and circumstances tearing us down as strong women... why do it to each other!

Lets build each other up.

Let's support each others' ideas.

Let's be there for each other in the hard times.

Let's be proud of each other.

Let's sing each others' praises.

Let's start today.....

I DARE you to start today... do something to put a smile on another bad ass lady's face today...

  • Give her props on a job well done
  • Tell her that she inspired you to....
  • Reach out and say Thank You