Baby Goals

So, we have 18 days (maybe more like 17.5) left in 2017. This is usually the time when we reflect over the past year....then quickly move on and set goals for the New Year.... and maybe, just maybe, you are setting the EXACT SAME GOALS.

Has this ever happens to set your goals, you are all sorts of motivated.... then shit gets in the way. You casually move your goals to the side and get on with your life.... we always have next year, right?


I would challenge you to slow down a minute.... we still have time in 2017!!

      ...I would challenge you to break out the goals that you set for yourself this year... really look at them

          ...I would challenge you to look at ONE that you didn't hit and see if it still has meaning for you

               ...if it DOESN'T then Let It GO!!!

                    ...if it DOES set some baby goals

The reality is, you may not be able to hit the goal 100% in 18 days... and that is okay. However, you could very easily set the wheels in motion to hit 2018 with tons of momentum by setting and hitting a few baby goals.

For Example: My 2017 goal was to get back into running and to finish my 3rd Half Marathon.... then I gently pushed this goal to the side, because, Master Procrastinator over here. In May I broke, well actually shattered, a very important bone in my foot. I was in a cast, then a boot, then orthotics... it has NOT been fun. Just last week my Dr. gave me permission to start running again, however, he made me promise to start slow. He said I could start by running HALF a MILE... then, if I felt okay, I could increase it by 10% each day.

My goal of running the Half Marathon was literally shattered and there is ZERO chance of me hitting this goal in 2017. That does NOT mean that I can't start with baby steps, baby goals to finish out this year.

Yesterday I ran half a mile, today I ran .60 miles and tomorrow will be a little bit more. I am building momentum each day.... momentum that will propel me into 2018 with confidence and excitement.

Baby Goals.

Small Accomplishment.

Big Momentum.