Success Defined

I went on a little run this and listened to an amazing Podcast....AND (bonus) there is a Part II that I will save for tomorrow!

The podcast I tuned into was Oprah's Super Soul Conversations (12/19/17) with Shawn Achor. Shawn is Harvard trained Happiness Researcher, bestselling author, corporate speaker and is set on changing the definition of happiness. He says that modern success does NOT equal happiness; and either does quick hit pleasure..... he suggest that we come up with our OWN definition of success and of happiness...


A few years ago I was on top of my game in the insurance business.


... I was earning the trips

... making the money

... getting all the awards

      ... and I wasn't HAPPY


I was successful, by everyone else's standards... except MY OWN.


Over the past two years I have been working to redefine what success mean to me.


~ Success mean freedom to dictate how I spend my time

~ Success means frequent vacations with family and friends

~ Success means slow and meaningful conversations with those I love

~ Success means date nights and connection with Tom the Bomb

~ Success means not having to check my bank account before checking out at Costco

~ Success is attending ALL the kids' basketball and soccer games


~ Success is something I have created for myself, not someone else's standard that I have lived up to.


As I focus more on what I love to do (coach and gather women) and not what I am 'supposed' to do (sell insurance) I have found that happiness has followed.  

What does SUCCESS mean for YOU?