What do YOU want for Christmas?

Tis the season of gift giving... which I totally and completely love!

I love giving gifts...

      ...I love watching the recipient's face light up...    

          ...I love spreading joy and happiness...


So, when was the last time you considered what YOU want for Christmas?

Last year everyone in my family got what they asked for...everyone except me (boo hoo)...and actually this is not on the hubs or the kids... this is on ME.

This is on ME because I never really considered what I actually wanted.... so this year I have made my list and I urge you to do the same.

What are you totally CRAVING in your life right now?

...is it that super cozy sweater that keeps popping up on your Facebook feed

     ...or those wedge Sorel boots that are seriously the cutest ever...EVER

         ...is it a date night with your 'person' at a new, fun, fancy local joint

               ...is it 'That Vacation' that you have always dreamed about... and always put off

                    ...is it new bath salts and re-reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (probs need to add to my list)

What if I told you that it is okay to get YOURSELF this gift.... yep, you heard me right!

I truly believe that when we take care of ourselves and put yourself first we actually SHOW UP for others in a better way.

I dare you love on yourself this holiday season. Get yourself that gift. Plan that experience. Book the vacation.

...then tell me all about it.