Are We Having Fun Yet?

As the coach of Ea's 5th grade basketball team I sometimes feel like the 'fun police'.


At practice the other day I found my patience slowly evaporating. The girls were giggling and joking around as I was attempting to show them how to perfectly master an inbound play. (super important...NOT) They were more concerned about whether we should name the play 'banana' or 'monkey'.....I was annoyed! Remember, this is school ball... you know, when everyone gets equal playing time and we barely keep score. (which in itself is torture  for my competitive self).


As the teams attention span slowly dwindled my frustration was mounting..... why can't these girls just LISTEN?!?!


Queue Mari, the 'Fun Police'


Ea quickly put me in my place, 'Mom, chill out. We are just having FUN'.


Oh Snap....... many times we take ourselves and our goals too seriously many times we take the FUN out of our lives many times we 'adult' too hard


What if we allowed ourselves to have more fun?


I believe the more fun we have the quicker we will achieve our goals.

I believe the more fun we have the happier we will be (duh)

I believe the more fun we have the less we will actually have to 'try'


What goals you are currently striving to achieve. .....weight loss, earn more money, more connection with a partner?

Now think about how you can add MORE FUN into the activities that will propel you towards your goal..... and do THAT!

Get out there and have FUN today .