my bull sh*t excuses for not starting a blog....and getting over them

So I have totally and completely been putting off BLOGGING....I kept telling myself that I didn't know 'why' I was putting it off....

     ...........then I got real with myself

          ............did some 'Self-Coaching'

               ...........and got freaking started!!!

Here are the reasons I came up with for putting this off:

1. Fear:

  • Would people like me
  • Would I have anything to say
  • How would I handle any 'haters'
  • What if it wasn't 'successful'

2. Knowledge:

  • I don't know how
  • My website isn't done
  • I don't have nice/fancy pictures to attach
  • What platform do I use

3. Logistics:

  • How often do I post
  • How long are my posts
  • Do I do video-blogs or just writing
  • How long will this take me
  • How will I find my 'voice'

4. Procrastination

  • I will start when my website launches
  • I will make it a resolution in 2017
  • Once I get XX followers on Instagram will start the blog


Blah Freaking' Blah....


My Self-Coaching Plan:

1. Brain Dump - get all of this out on paper (done)

2. Tackle each of these issues one at a time

  • Ask probing questions like why it matters if 'people' like me..... my tribe is out there waiting for me to find them (FEAR)
  • Who do I know who may have the answers to the questions that are holding me back (KNOWLEDGE)
  • Got my calendar out and scheduled a 'test month' of blogging to find your favorite length, type and voice (LOGISTICS)
  • Ask, why I was setting up these roadblocks for yourself? (PROCRASTINATION)

3. When a client (or myself) answers ANY of my probing questions with the answer, 'I don't know'. I ask them.........    

             ...............if you DID know, what would the answer be?


So I took my own advice, worked through all my excuses and am getting after this blog thing.

What nagging task have you been putting off due to fear, lack of knowledge, logistical issues or procrastination?

Do a little Self-Coaching and get after it!!