The Coaching Skeptic

This afternoon I was chatting with a potential client... doing a little Q&A session. She has never had a coach and I could hear the hesitation in her voice. So many questions...


What if I don't make progress?

What if I don't take it seriously enough?

Do I really have the time?

Is it worth the investment?


I answered her questions with... you know....questions?


What if I don't make progress?

.....what would it look like if you did make progress? really imagine it. Imagine a life designed, ON PURPOSE.

What if I don't take it seriously enough?

.... what would coaching have to give you to be taken seriously?

     .......imagine if you DID take it seriously, imagine giving it your 100%, imagine true commitment....with an Accountability Partner.

Do I really have the time?

.... look at your schedule, do you have an hour a week to dedicate toward self care & growth?

     ......imagine putting yourself first, for once, imagine that GIFT.

Is it worth the investment

..... hell yeah!! (okay so I answered that one)


I actually LOVE chatting it up with a skeptic because I was one myself.... six years ago when I started with my coach I had ALL the same questions.

....and then I made progress

I realized that I had been living my life in a sort of Groundhog's Day routine. I was more focused on financial success than family. I was trading in my own values and personal vision for awards and money. Slowly, with the help of my coach I made progress. I began to slow down. I became grateful for what I ALREADY had. I started Living on Purpose.

.....and then I started to take it seriously
It became apparent that my true purpose and passion is in coaching. I become alive while coaching. Time slows down and speeds up while coaching. So I started my coaching business.

.....and then I made the time

I began to set aside time for personal growth. I began to learn who I really am (not just the mom, spouse, sister, daughter) but ME. I made the time for me. Becoming the best version of myself became a priority.

.....and I made the investment.