....on slowing down

When I started my first business, nine years ago, my goal was to make tons of money, be on the top of all the reports and become the best of the best....     

     .....great goals, right?

Those goals seemed to serve me well as a 'starving' agent just trying to get by..... and then slowing and suddenly they stopped serving me.

  • I cared more about how much money I was making and less about family time
  • I cared more about being the top agent in the area and less about my own self care
  • I cared more about what everyone else thought of me than how I thought of myself

Recently, over the past two years, my goals have changed, have grown, have almost done a 180 of sorts.....

     .....now I want to employ the best team to provide the BEST service for my current clients

     .....now I am spending more time with the hubs and littles
     .....now I am working on myself, my personal growth and self-care

     .....I am slowing down

and it has been interesting

It is interesting to see what happens when you slow down. When you savor the moment. When you marinate in the conversation. When you are grateful for the little things, the day to dayness of our beautiful lives.

I find myself smiling, grateful and happy in the smallest of moments of my life... and I am LOVING it.

Smiling while.....

  • putting the kids on the bus AND watching them get off
  • reading to the family
  • making lunches... slowly, with (unhelpful) help from Xavier
  • watching an intense snowball fight
  • listening to the kids scream and cheer while playing COD
  • morning hugs
  • tasting the coffee

Slow down and enjoy the little things in life. They are fleeting and brief. Soak them up and LOVE them.