Life by Design

I created a 6 week super quick crash course to help my clients create a life that they LOVE.

....a life on purpose

....a life by choice

....a life of growth

....a life to be proud of

....a life by Design

....and here is the WHY behind my passion for this course:

Ten years ago I was not living my life by design. I was living my life by default....a life where I did what I though I was 'supposed' to do, a life where I did what was expected of a young mama. I went through the motions. I checked the boxes. I was living my life for everyone except for myself. My energy and zest for life was slowly seeping through my pores.

Nine years ago I started my first business. I always knew that becoming an entrepreneur was my destiny.... so I opened my State Farm Insurance Agency. I was proud. Each month I sold more. I was a 'success'. I was paraded around to help others sell more and realize my success. I loved talking to other agents and helping them...... and still there were parts of the business that drained me, parts that were not in line with my purpose.

I realized that coaching my team to become the best version of themselves was what fueled me. I realized that conversation and connection filled my soul. So I stepped back from the areas of the business that did not fill me up, I delegated them, I outsourced, I paid others to do these tasks..... this way I could focus on my Life and Business by Design.

At the time I didn't realized what I was doing....I was just trimming away the tasks and areas of my life that I didn't fully enjoy.

.... instead I was focusing on the adding more tasks and spending more time in the areas of my life that gave me joy.

This felt like a 100lbs weight being lifted off my shoulders. Until then I did not realize that I actually had a choice in the direction my life took. I did not fully embrace that I could design my own life and not live in default.

So I took a deep hard look at the areas that I LOVED in my insurance agency.

  • I love meaningful conversation.
  • I love growth and inspiring others.
  • I love relationships.


....I got clear on my purpose


"To break down walls and build up trust so that WE can live the life of our dreams."


I realized that I could still have my insurance agency while growing a second business..... my coaching practice.


Now I split my time, by design, between the two. I bring my strengths to both. I am fulfilled. I am in control of my life and decisions. I am free.