Just Be

I love a good analogy.

I also love finding 'meaning' in small day to day experiences.

.....often, this removes me from the moment

......this causes me to be less present

     .....and I am working on that


Last Sunday Tom and I took Ea to lunch and a movie. It was a beautiful bright spring-ish day....but as we know in the PNW that can and does change on a dime. On the way there a storm cell came threw the valley. This one was packing a punch. Out of, literally, the clear blue sky the storm rolled in. The wind picked up, it started raining, then sleeting, then snowing. The wind was so strong that it looked as if it was snowing sideways across the hood of the car.

We were crawling down the road laughing and remarking on this wicked weather change when we came upon two people walking on the side of the road. The had their hoods pulled up, their backs were rounded over protecting them from the weather, they were fighting with the storm and the storm was winning.

The three of us quickly decide to offer them a ride home. As I roll down the passenger side window the snow barrels into the car. I have to shield my eyes as we talk to the walkers. Tom offers a ride and they quickly accept and hop in.

Side note - this is one of many reasons to keep your car tidy and clean.


This is the type of story that I love to find that analogy or the hidden meaning.


.....and I am learning that it is also okay to just let a story be what the story is

.....I am learning that there doesn't have to be a hidden meaning behind everything

.....I am realizing that I may get more out of the stories of my life if I just let them be


Just Be.