Mean Girl Culture

As parents we all  work hard to raise strong, confident and independent children. I feel like Tom and I do a pretty damn good job here. All three of our kids are unique in their own way. They have their own style and vibe... and they own it.


Also, as parents, the hurt that our children encounter hurt us 100x more. We feel it. We suffer with them. We feel their pain. We own their sadness. We wallow in their hurt. We get angry on their behalf. And if we could we would fix it all in a heartbeat.


Recently Miss Ea got dressed up for school... now to understand this you need to understand Ea's style. She rocks yoga pants and hoodies on the daily. Her kicks are either soccer cleats or Nike running shoes. Her hair is always in a messing bun. She owns her sporty style...... and some of the girls in her class were not going to let her step out of her style box.


Her class was having a recorder recital (we have been investing in ear plugs) and she had been practicing hard. Ea was super excited to show off her new skills so she decided to get dressed up for the event. She ditched her sporty look and dressed herself to the hilt. She wore her pretty Christmas dress, a fancy jacket and her new Uggs. (Christmas gift that she hasn't worn yet). She bounded out the door with her normal confidence in tow.


I got the call at had just started and she used the classroom phone at her first opportunity. The phone is in the front of the room so in quiet sobs she explains that she needed me to bring her a change of clothes... and FAST..... that some girls were giving her a hard time about dressing up for the recital.


....confidence evaporated in a moment.


Heart Breaking Parent Moment


We need to stop this mean girl culture.

We need to raise our daughters and sons to build each other up.

We need to instill values that embrace differences and respects them as well.

We need to do better.

I will do my part with my three....