'Eff' the Electronics

So yesterday I about came unglued on ALL the kids and their cute little noses pushed into one electronic devise or another.

I had been with them since 4:00 running them to and from sports and we hadn't actually had any conversation. I knew nothing about their day. I poked and prodded, to no avail. I think I asked Aiden three times about football practice before I actually got a legit answer.

........this is how it looked:

Me: "Aiden, did you talk to your teacher in first period about not being at school on Friday?"


Aiden: (doesn't look up from his phone) "Uh, what?"

Me: "Does your teacher know that you won't be there on Friday?"


Aiden: (finishing a snap or text or whatever the eff he does on that thing) "Sorry, huh?"



OMG.... tell me I am not alone in this cell phone/electronic epidemic with my children

I have come to my breaking point....

     I REFUSE to just be my kids' chauffer and cook and nanny and housecleaner and nag....

          I want to be in it, in their lives.

               I want to know what they are up to.

                    I want to know how their day actually was.

                         ....and what Momma wants SHE gets!


The ONE thing (other than me being the most un-cool person in the world) standing between me and a relationship with my kids is the DAMN cell phone. So.....I instituted a 'Wuellner Electronics Policy'. (insert eye rolls from all)


Here is our policy and I would LOVE to hear what you would add to it!


No Phone Zones:

  • Dinner
  • Quick car rides
  • Watching a sibling's sporting event
    • Half time = Okay
    • Picture or Video taking = Okay
  • Homework
  • Any other time when implemented by MOM


Bed Time Routine:

  • No electronics :30 before bed


Morning Routine:

  • No electronics until you are 100% ready for school


Safe Zones:

  • Bathroom (gross, I know)
  • Long car rides/Road trips


Cardinal Sins of the Cell:

  • Use while talking to a waitress, barista, hostess or anyone in the service industry
  • Not responding to a parent's text


We (obv) have other rules like no porn and keep your phone charged and don't buy crazy shit on iTunes.... but these are my basics. The ones that (hopefully) will re-engage conversation and relationship.