Do What Makes You Happy

Last week Tom & I flew to Vegas and rode a Harley to Palm Springs.

We got back just in time to make it to Aiden's football game Friday night. After the game as I was walking down the bleachers another momma stopped me. She told me that she just loves how much I travel and what I do for myself. She said that it obviously makes me a better mom....a mom who models living a happy life for her kids.


Now I have heard other comments.... are going out of town, AGAIN? only work HOW many days in the office?

...are you EVER home? you even WORK?

This comment, amid a chaotic sea of high-schoolers, stopped me in my tracks.

She got it!

She got me!!

I do what makes me happy and as a result...

...I am a better mom

...I am a better wife

...I am a better friend

...I am a better employer

...I am a better life coach

...I am living on purpose

On my run this morning I listened to an interview of Denise Duffield-Thomas. She said, 'Do in life what you love and watch your business thrive.' (Susan Hyatt's Podcast) Denise got that one right!  Once I got out of my own way and started living on purpose BOTH my businesses started to grow AND it all became easier.

Do what makes you happy... you will be all around better.