Get Rid of the Labels

Last night I ran into my gorgeous girlfriend who just got back from a trip to a BIG and bustling city. {we live in a VERY small rural town} She was gushing over this city....telling me how much she loved it and could actually see herself living there. 

I told her that I was honestly surprised. I thought that the city would be too ‘fast’ for her because I always thought of my girlfriend as loving a ‘slow’ life...I told her I always thought of her as slow. (in a good way)

She agreed with my label...

This conversation reminded me of another that I had a few years ago. Someone labeled Xavier as being ‘shy’ and I quickly corrected them. Xavier isn’t ‘shy’, I told them. He may act shy in certain situations but he is not ‘shy’. I didn’t like this generalization of his character. 

So why do we continue to label ourselves and others?

This is exactly what my girlfriend and I did about her being ‘slow’. She isn’t slow...she just has lived a slow life up until now. She had never put herself in a position to challenge this label. She hadn’t experienced her ‘fast’ side. 

What labels have you put on yourself?

🖤 Quiet/Loud

🖤 Intimidating/Meek 

🖤 Open/Reserved

🖤 Introvert/Extrovert 

🖤 Leader/Follower

🖤 Big/Small

🖤 Shy/Outgoing

What if we challenged ourselves to break through these labels....just to see how it would may love what you find out. 

This is what my girlfriend did...and look what she realized!!

What could you realize?