Staying 'Present'

Staying present.... oh, this is a hard for me. Being mindful throughout the day seems impossible... I feel so busy. I am constantly thinking about what I have to do next instead of staying right here, right now, where I am. Present.

I found a trick, a little 'hack', if you will...


That's it.

When I journal daily I find myself taking a deeper look at my day. I starting looking for lessons in every day moments instead of zooming through my 'to-do' list. I become more mindful of my movements and conversations.

I started writing every day after my very fist 30 day 'mile-a-day' challenge earlier this year. I would write right after I finished my run. I would put to paper what I felt, experienced and any lessons that I had learned through the run. By doing this I was hyper aware of what was happening DURING the run. I stopped looking forward to just getting it over with...I was totally and completely present the entire time...

...I noticed the leaves falling

...I noticed the wind tickle my body

...I noticed the bunnies and birds and dogs

...I noticed the other runners. I saw them

...I noticed my muscles slowly getting stronger

...I noticed my thoughts, I really listened to myself

What if we started to notice a bit more every day in every moment. What if we noticed...

...the barista pouring our morning latté

...our child skipping happily to the bus

...our spouse during a routine conversation

...the music that we are listening to on the way to work we are really feeling, inside and out

I believe that one of the major benefits of journaling every day is that we notice more things. When we begin to notice we become present.

Present is how I want to live.

This is why I have chosen writing as my next 30 day challenge. Cheers to Day One!!