How do you adjust?

We just got back from a vacation in Key West and let me tell you about the expectations I had for this trip....

I pictured lazy days by the beach. I pictured naps by the pool. I pictured my nose in my book for hours. I pictured pages and pages of journal notes. I pictured blogs getting written, inspiration striking. I pictured long meals and lazy nights at the hotel.

My expectations were NOT met...

I believe sometimes its good to have strict expectations (say while at work).... and other times its best to just go with the flow.

When I realized that the vacation I had in mind wasn't going as planned I quickly relaxed my expectations.

Key West is a party town.... and boy did we party. I don't think we relaxed on the beach for no more than two hours... no joke!

We were on the go-go-go.

We rented cruiser bikes and toured the entire island. We took a jet ski tour. We did a sunset snorkel sail boat cruise. We hit up just about every bar on the island. We met new friends. We went dancing. We stayed out until 3 in the morning for crying out loud!! (more than once!!)

We had the time of our lives.

This was such a great lesson for me on expectations.

Sometimes (well lots of the time) things don't go as we plan and we need to adjust our expectations. 

The important part is HOW we adjust.

Do we adjust while stomping our feet in protest...

...or to do we adjust with a smile and a 'make the best of it' mentality?

Do we adjust with anger or resentment...

...or do we look for the silver lining in the situation?

Do we adjust with resistance...

...or do we lean into change and embrace the moment?

How do you react when a situation doesn't measure up to the expectation that you have set?

How do you adjust?