Shifting my Mindset

Yesterday I was bummed out big time....I had started cold-calling prospects for my December Coaching Challenge and I got more no's than yes's.  

After digesting the rejections I decided to use the "No's" to push me further.... to completely level up my 30 Day Challenge. It was already going to be it will be epic.  

I have a renewed sense of purpose....

I will use the no's as motivation to make this the BEST challenge EVER!!

I will over-deliver with the resources, coaching and accountability.

The participants.... the ones who said 'yes', will say things like:

  • "That challenge was more than I ever could have hoped for.”

  • "That challenge changed my life."

  • "That challenge was the best thing that I have done for mysel.f"

  • "That was the best $100 I EVER spent.”

Although the no's & rejection feels personal and deflating I will use it to my advantage to shift my mindset:  

The rejection will become my inspiration.

The rejection will increase my motivation.

The rejection will inflame my passion.