What do you do with your No's?

What do you do when someone tells you No? That you can't do something or have something.

I have never responded well to being told 'No':

: No you can’t buy that fancy new house - done

: No you can’t get a tattoo - done

: No you can’t go to Vegas at 18 - done

: No you can’t have a baby at 21 - done

: No you can’t buy your first house by yourself at 23 - done

: No you can’t shave the side of your head at 36 - done

: No you can’t become a successful business owner (twice) - done

: No you can’t employ people without a college degree - done

(okay, some of these are just pure rebellion.... but you get the idea)

When you put yourself on it there, like I am with my new challenge, you are gonna get No's. 

When you show your true self people will doubt and question your decisions.

Here is what I have decided to do with these questions and these No's:

* Get extra motivated to keep asking. I believe that this 30 day challenge will change lives and my passion is to change as many lives as I can!

* Up the challenge, up my game. With every no I become more motivated to over-deliver for all of the  yes's.

No's are good for me. 

What do you do with your No's?