I have to admit, when I started putting myself and my 30 day challenge out there I was as naively excited. 

Like, beyond excited. These simple challenges have changed my life and I feel compelled to share them with the world.  

I assumed that my crazy excitement would be shared by the masses. (ha ha)

So I started marketing my challenge...and was told no. Not once or twice but many times. At first I was confused...they must not understand how amazing this challenge is. Then my emotions caught up with me and I started to doubt I doing the right thing?

Then the yes’s started to roll first registration..then my second...then 3 in one day!!!!

These yes’s renewed my excitement and enthusiasm.... AND in order to keep up the yes’s rolling in I will need to keep asking. No’s will happen AND no longer will they debilitate me...they are motivation to keep asking. 

“Don’t let a few no’s keep you from asking again...the no’s are in no way a representation of your worth.” - ME