I did NOT want to go outside in the freezing cold Saturday morning to go on my run today. I wanted to sleep in, snuggle with the hubs, have a cup of coffee in front of the fire, and put a heating pad on for my cramps. Today I had all the excuses.... so I leaned on my No Excuse Mentality... laced up the sneaks and hit the pavement.

This mentality is something that I developed back in August when I embarked on my first 30 day challenge. In August I commit to running one mile a day for an entire month. During that month I had ALL the excuses and learned how to bust through them and still get my mile in. By doing this, by developing a no excuse mentality, I was able to form a habit.

A habit that is still in full effect four months later. (even when the excuses still creep in)

Today was a day that I could have used a laundry list of excuses to not run. And that's not what happens when you commit to yourself and this 30 day challenge. When you join this challenge you strengthen you will-power and learn how to overcome the excuses.

Is there a habit that you have been craving to form? Is there something that you have put off doing? Is there a goal for 2018 that is still yet to be reached?

If so, I invite you join us in December. The group is already full of bad ass women who are also committed to themselves and their challenge.

Join us!

It truly is life changing.