What gets in your way of doing the most important task in your day?

Mine is good 'ol procrastination.

Take this morning for example.... the most important things that I need to get done are writing this blog and outlining video content for my challenge.

These things are not particularly 'hard' they do however make me a bit uncomfortable. I know that they will get done 'eventually'... so here I am putting them off again and again.

I've cleaned the kitchen & bathrooms. I've done loads of laundry. I've gone on my run. Not because these things are more important.... they are just easier. PLUS they don't make me 'uncomfortable'.

Here is my game plan this week to beat my procrastination: Every night I will write down my Most Important Task for the following day. The next morning I will commit to doing this ONE thing first... before any other chore or task... even if it makes me 'uncomfortable'.

Time to kick this procrastination bullshit to the curb!