I love my life!

The other night we let Xavier watch a movie and eat Cheese-Its in our bed.

I know, I know...

...crumbs, bad habit, spoiled kid... whatever!

Anyway...I walked into the bedroom just as he leaned back into the pillows, laced his hands behind his head and said , "I love my life".

He had the perfect little grin of satisfaction on his eight-year-old face. A comfy bed, a good movie and a little snack was all it took for this wild child to realize just how good he's got it.

How often do we say that about our lives? How many times a day, week or month do you utter the words..."I love my life"?

We are three sleeps away from Thanksgiving, the day that is dedicated to being thankful and to loving our lives. I think that its the perfect time to adopt Xavier's simple mantra...

"I love my life"