How do you want to FEEL?

We are exactly 35 days away from do you want to feel heading into the New Year?

Do you want to feel energized and excited?

... instead of tired and worn down

Do you want to feel proud and successful?

... instead of discouraged and depleted

Do you want to feel joy and gratitude?

... instead of depleted and unhappy

Do you want to feel rested and relaxed?

... instead of manic and anxious

How you feel is a choice....

{yep, I said it}

How you feel is a choice and NOW is the time to go after exactly how you want to feel.

Here's how:

  • Decide how you want to feel heading into 2019

  • Set a game plan

  • Execute your game plan

We know  it is literally THAT easy but it is still so HARD to commit to the execution portion of the equation. Some tips:

  • Write it down

  • Schedule your game plan

  • Get an accountability partner

Looking for a little bit more help? Join the December 30 Day Challenge. The group is set up to provide all the inspiration, accountability and encouragement needed for you to head into 2019 feeling EXACTLY how you want to.