Happy Anywhere

Last week I ran into a friend who recently moved out of my neighborhood. She asked about the family, the neighbors and the hood. She hadn't moved far away but she mentioned missing the it.

This shocked me. Her new neighborhood was only about 4 miles away and had similar characteristics.

She said that she missed her old place, was nostalgic for a beat, then said that she would be happy anywhere. This conversation and her quick acknowledgement of being happy anywhere stuck with me all week.

I have been reflecting...

Am I be happy anywhere?

Do I appreciate my neighborhood enough? ('neighborhood' as a metaphor for my current situation)

I often find myself looking past my current set of circumstances and focusing on what 'could be'…

~ Focusing on which goal I should be going after next.

~ Focusing on what I my next achievement will be.

~ Focusing on tomorrow...

I love that my friend made this comment the other day. The fact that she can be 'happy anywhere' is a testament to her ability to stay present and appreciate her life exactly how it is.

One way that helps me stay 'present' is to practice gratitude. Listing out everything that I am grateful for right now (not in tomorrow, this weekend, or next year) right now.

What are you most grateful for today?