Deprivation...I'm not a fan

Last night I stumbled upon 'pizza night' at the gym. Apparently Planet Fitness does pizza night on the first Monday of the month. The greasy cheesy pizza smell permeated the gym as I got my run in.

I had had a late lunch so I wasn't that hungry. I passed the towers of pizza boxes as I left. I didn't even hesitate.

As I got in my car I thought to, that was actually easy to walk past the pizza and the deliciously tempting aroma.

It wasn't willpower... it was something else.

I don't deprive myself. When I am hungry I eat, when I am thirsty I drink.

If I had been hungry I would have grabbed a slice on my way out. Since I don't deprive myself I am able to make better decisions in moments like last night. Decisions that are more in line with my needs at the time.

Deprivation.... I'm not a fan.