Being told No

I have sold insurance for the last 10 years. I built my business from the ground up and it would be considered 'successful'.... probably very successful by most.  I have asked thousands of people to do business with me over the years. I have made more cold calls than I like to talk about. And I have been told NO. So. Many. Times.

For ten years I have never taken these "No"s  personally.... they are saying no to insurance and not me, right?

*Now* I am selling myself... my own little program...a 30 day challenge. Something that I believe in 110%.

I know that this 30 day challenge will legitimately change lives. I know that when the participants commit to themselves they are happier. I know that when you invest in yourself you will show up better for everyone else in your life. I know that this challenge is significant.... to me, to you, to the world.  

*Now* I am asking for the business, to invest in MY program. I am making the cold calls. I am being told NO.

This is so different than the last 10 years. With insurance I can go home and to bed after 100 no's. Not now.

Now it is personal.... the No's are different. They are agonizing.

Is this what it feels like to change lives?

Is this what it feels like to be true to yourself?

Is this what it feel like to follow a passion?

....I sure do hope so