Don't Give Up

Let's talk about Giving Up....(cuz I used to do it all the time)

As I set out on my run this morning (my goal is 60 miles in Dec) my joints felt rusty. Specifically my low back/hip wasn't feeling right. Every time my right foot came forward I felt a little kink in my step. It hurt...not an injury sort of hurt, just felt a little stiff and achy. I started making deals with myself early in the run.…instead of running the full 2.5 miles, how about I settle for a mile. I was about to use this little kink as my way of giving up.

At the half mile mark I had worked out the kink and felt good enough to go the full 2.5 miles.

Had this been 4 months ago I would have stopped running, turned back home, and given up because of my rusty old joints. Not any more!

Today is day 8 of my latest challenge… Salad-a-Day. This month I have commit to eating a salad for lunch or dinner... instead of my normal diet. For the past week I have eaten the biggest salads I could find... trying to fill up on lettuce and protein so that I wouldn't be hungry an hour later.

Apparently changing up one's diet this drastically can have pretty tough side effects on the digestive system. For the past 2 days my stomach has felt bloated & empty & crampy & gassy ......not fun at all. It would be SO easy to give up... this excuse seems pretty legit right about now. But giving up is not what my challenges are about.

The challenges are about learning, gaining insight, making adjustments and pushing through in order to form a habit.

Today, instead of a leaf green salad I will try something new. Maybe a Greek Salad?? Maybe a Quinoa Salad?? (suggestions accepted).

The point is.... don't give up!

Look for other options.

Look for small adjustments.

Look for ways to bust through your excuses.

Look to your accountable partners for help.

Don't give up... this is one thing you won't regret.