Triggered...some more

When was the last time that you were triggered?

When was the last time that you got annoyed?

When was the last time that you felt super jealous?

I really hate (like most everyone) feeling triggered or annoyed or jealous... for me it's usually a sign. A sign, that I am craving something different in my life, that I should take a closer look at the situation.

A few years ago (yep I remember it like it was yesterday) I went out to dinner with 5 successful women. We started this tradition of dinner once a year to celebrate our kick-ass successes and female entrepreneurship. (cuz we rock)

That year one of the bad ass women wasn't drinking. When we asked her why she casually said that she was 'doing a thing'... so no booze for her.  

It bugged me for weeks (years). Her and 'her thing' just got right under my skin and rubbed me the wrong way.

Here's the issue: I hadn't had 'A Thing' for a Really Long Time and I was jealous.

… I was jealous of her willpower.

… I was jealous of her attitude about it (positive).

… I was jealous that she knew what changes she wanted to make.... and then DID it.

Damn. It. All.

Anyway.... now I have 'A Thing' and I don't care if it triggers or annoys or makes anyone a little bit jealous because 'My Thing' is SO good. (and I want you in on this goodness)

The January Challenge

Are you craving 'a thing'? I've totally got you! There is STILL time to join the 30 day challenge and to get after 'your thing'.