New York Inspo

I just got home from a quick trip to New York... one of the perks of being married to a pilot! After walking the endless miles and seeing the endless sights I am exhausted, my muscles are aching and surprisingly....I am totally motivated and full of inspiration.

It was a trip I didn't realize I needed.

You see, I have been taking it pretty easy so far this year. I have been doing some 'things' and I don't want to discredit them... it just hasn't felt like much.

I think I realized why....

I have been putting my time and precious energy into the WRONG things, the easier things...

In New York I was surrounded by people who are going after their BIG, SCARY & CRAZY dreams. Here are a few of the people who gave me some NY inspo....

1. Jimmy Buffett - this guy! He was my first mentor, the real OG. This guy has been doing EXACTLY what he loves and living his live EXACTLY by his terms since before I was born. He 71 years old and just launched his show on Broadway!! He is STILL kicking ass.... Jimmy continues to show me that I can have fun and make an amazing living.... lifestyle design to the max!

**Jimmy is the real reason I flew to New York, don't tell Tom

2. Rachel Hollis - I am embarrassed to admit that I have just discovered this amazing woman. Here is what I have learned about Rach so far.... through hard work and perseverance she has created the life that she wants and is living her dream .... AND she does it in a super real, messy, amazing way. Just like ME/US.

**Rachel happened to be in NY as well... she posted on her IG story that she was in the Amazon bookstore right across the street from me, just 2 hours prior. I ran across the street to snag her latest book, 'Girl, Wash Your Face'.... and the copy that I have is signed. The book is AMAZ!!!

3. Broadway Peeps - Tom and I went to Jimmy's show, 'Escape to Margarittaville' the last night I was there. It was epic. What inspired me, were the amazing actors on stage. These people ranged in age from 20 - 70 and are obviously doing the work that they have chosen to do AND love. They were happy and excited and pulsing with energy....I could FEEL it!!! I want to live that way. That is how I want to feel doing MY work.

We all have BIG, SCARY & CRAZY dreams... dreams that are no bigger or crazier than the ones I listed above. AND if I am to realize MY dreams it is critical for me to make them a priority... like NOW.

So, I am choosing two areas of my life to 'Level Up'... My Health and My Writing. It may sound simple, and it is to many, but for me these are my challenges. By leveling up in these two areas I will kick start other areas in my Level Up game. (check out my IG to watch the journey)

What's an area that you could Level Up and begin to create YOUR best life... the one of YOUR dreams?