Tried & True

Why do we insist on making things harder than they really need to be?

...I am SO guilty of this.

My goal is 8k steps per day: I used to come up with a super complex schedule in order to hit the goal. Let's be real, with 3 kids, the agenda was never going to work and my steps never happened.

...Now I just commit to squeezing in  a  brisk walk or run each day. Tried & True.

My goal is to lose some lbs. I have tried every challenge, enrolled in every diet and ordered each cleanse that was ever invented.

... Now I just focus on calories in vs. calories out. Tried and True.

Tried and True Works!

Yesterday I was doing an IG story and Ea, my 12 year old daughter reminded me of this basic concept. She video-bombed my story (this is a thing) so I asked her {live} if she had any 'Words of Wisdom' to share. Specifically, how she got herself pumped up before a big soccer game. (she is the biggest bad-ass 12 year old of ANY sport)

Her answer was simple. She said, "I WARM UP".

Tried & True.

What are you overcomplicating?

... could you make a little forward progress by getting back to basics?

What goal or project are you hesitating to start because of how complex you have made it?

... could you use some old Tried and True methods to get after it?

Let me know in the comments!