Blind Yoga

Did you know that there is such a thing as a Silent Rave? AND that it is the best thing ever.

Here's how it works... you rent a pair of headphones that have 2 or more channel settings. There are a few DJs mixing different types of music that connect to the different channels. You choose your station, you choose your volume and you rock out. (P.S. Now that I am old the volume option is everything).

This morning I attempted Blind Yoga... let me explain. I am blind. Maybe not clinically blind but my prescription run -4.0 and -5.0 which is pretty damn bad. Also, since my eyes are overly sensitive I wear daily contacts. And since I am a master procrastinator I have run out of my dailies and have been rocking my UBER THICK glasses while I wait for my refill.

I am not about to let some silly glasses hold me back from anything, especially my yoga. This morning I was feeling pretty good about my decision to go... until... downward dog. My glasses keep sliding up my forehead, a total pain in the ass. I threw them to the side and continued yoga pretty much blind. Everyone, including myself, took on a soft fuzzy look that only my near sighted friends will appreciate.

Let me tell you.... blind yoga is legit. I may just never wear my contacts to yoga again.

I was literally unable to see myself in the mirror. My ability to judge my poor form against everyone else's perfect poses was taken away. I couldn't see that my yoga pants accentuate my tummy rolls or how my under arms are not as firm as the tight ass next to me. I know, I know.... I can hear you now, telling me that I should be all Namaste and Zen in there. That I shouldn't be thinking these things... and I try!! Most of the time I can silence the inner critic but sometimes that bitch just won't shut up. I mean really, the mirrors, the lighting, the tight clothes!!

Blind Yoga was refreshing. All I was focused on was myself, my movements and my mind (which was surprisingly quiet).

The meaning of all this?

Where in your life do you need to go blind...

Where does your inner critic start chatting...

Where do you start to judge yourself...

Where does comparison run rampant...


In these places and scenarios can you start to go blind? Can you focus on you and only you? What would it take?