Good Old Days

Last weekend we took the family to eastern Washington for a basketball tournament for Aiden. Tom went to college in the town where we were staying and took me out on a bar crawl... showing me his old stopping ground and reminiscing about his college years.

At the last bar that we went to we were served by the cutest little bartender... she had long blonde hair, sweet face, rocking body and was super kind. She was about 23 and a student at the college. We chatted it up a bit. She asked about our marriage (13 years) she asked if we had babies (3) she asked what we did (coach and pilot) and with each one of our responses she visibly deflated. She looked at us longingly and said, 'You guys are so lucky. I can't wait until I am married and have babies'.

Okay sister....slow your roll. You have plenty of time for all that.... you should be enjoying the NOW.

I went into 'coach/mom' mode and ask her if she had heard the Maclemore song, 'Good Old Days'... she said she had.

I said, 'Sister these are your Good Old Days... and these are MY Good Old Days. Literally right NOW!'

"Maybe these are the moments

Maybe I've been missing what it's about

Been scared of the future, thinking about the past

While missing out on the NOW" - Maclemore

'Girl, don't miss out on the now... every now from here on out. These are the moments.

Your now is different than my now and that is okay. In fact, your now will never be my now. We are different and that makes us perfectly unique.

The key is to be grateful for what you have and where you are at.

To lean into the now.

To make it the best that you possibly can.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Let's cherish the Now.'