I am a story person.

As I sit here and write my Bio for the next live event I have come to the realization:  

I am not a Bio Person....I am a story person

This is what my bio says... word-for-word, "A bit about me... went to college, dropped out, had a kid, bought the house, married the man, started business, had more kids, started another business, living the dream." 

That is my BIO... that in NOT my story. Those are my credentials.... they are not the experiences. My credentials don't define me, the actual experiences behind them do.

I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished and yet to accomplish.... but it isn't the words that give me All the Feels.

I can say, 'I am a mom' (bio)

...but it is the stories behind the laughs and hugs and tears and heartache that make me a MOTHER. (stories)

I can say, 'I am a college drop out' (bio)

...but it is all the books read, podcasts listened to and real life experiences that have EDUCATED me. (stories)


I can say, 'I started my first business at 26' (bio)

...but it is all of late nights at the office, employees fired or quit, financial fears and awards earned that make me an ENTREPRENEUR. (stories)


I can say, 'I bought my first house by myself at 23' (bio)

...but it was working 9 - 5 during the day, bartending at nights and pinching pennies that made me an INVESTOR. (stories)


I can say, 'I am a wife' (bio)

...but it is all of the hard conversations, raw arguments and true vulnerability that has made me a LIFE PARTNER. (stories) 


I can say, 'I am living the dream' (bio)

...but it is my day to day choices that keeps the smile on my face. (stories)

My stories are what make me who I am. My struggles are what define me. My successes have shaped me.

My bio is just a product of all the stories....I love the stories.  I am not a Bio Person. I am a story person.