Reality Check

I went on a girls trip recently and drank wine, laid by the pool, laughed, relaxed and did all the things that a girls trip is about. It was amazing.

As I was driving home I had the fleeting thought, 'Damn, I'm Headed back to Reality'. It wasn't a positive thought, which annoyed me. Why would I be bummed about going back to my 'normal' and 'routine' life? I knew instantly that this thought was not my truth....  I have just been trained to have these negative thoughts. Years of seeing these kinds of thoughts posted on social media. Thoughts of being sad when a vacation is over... instead of appreciating the vacation AND appreciating the life we head back to. Thoughts of the Monday Blues... instead of appreciating and loving our work.

Even though I let the thought get to me, I quickly dismissed it because it was not my REALITY. I love every (well mostly) aspect of my life... honestly, I do! I love all of my realities. The reality of work-ing. The reality of mom-ing. The reality of wife-ing. The reality of adult-ing. The reality of vacation-ing. ALL OF IT!


Our reality is NOW... like, whatever we are currently doing. Me writing this post, that is my reality!

What you choose to do is your reality.

Do you love your current reality?

If not, let's chat!

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  •  and turn your reality into one that you completely ENJOY.


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