Get Real

About a month ago I was out to dinner and ran into a girlfriend. We shared a quick hug and a few words to catch up...the encounter lasted about 4 minutes. Later in the evening I received this text. 

This text meant so much to me...basically an acknowledgment of all the inner work that I have been doing. 

If you know me, even a little, you know that things like vulnerability, authenticity and transparency are WAY hard...they are hard for most. I find that putting up a strong façade is so much easier. I find that playing ‘tough’ is my go-to coping tactic. It’s easier. 

My 'inner' work is starting to pay off...slowly. The reading, journaling, coaching, therapy, laughs and tears are taking effect.

So, how do we become more authentic, more 'REAL'?

Here a few suggestions that have worked for me:

1. Get clear on your values: when things get tough or uncomfortable you can use your values to guide your actions

2. What are your goals: journal out what is most important to YOU and why achieving this goal is a priority

3. 'I am enough': use this mantra or affirmation when you start to compare yourself to anyone else

Thank you sweet friend for sending me this of the best gifts I have been given. 



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