I feel empowered to share something super vulnerable today... 

I have skirted around sharing this, dropping little hints here or there, thinking these were I’m gonna get a little more open. This is just a start and we will see where it goes from here....

So I see a therapist regularly. His name is Mike and he is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. 

I had a major panic attack a few years ago and my primary physician prescribed anti-depressants and work with a therapist for recovery. At the time I was annoyed with this and felt all sorts of yucky, “Hello, do you know me? I don’t have anxiety or depression or panic attacks!!” Oh the shame and self judgement I felt. Now I can tell you that it is by far the best healing work I have ever done. 

HEALING- when you hurt your ankle you work with a physical therapist for recovery. You don’t question this line of treatment, it is ‘acceptable’. 

Why is it that when we need help healing the wounds of our mind we resist the treatment with a psychotherapist?

Back then I did not understand this reasoning and I hid my work with Mike out of embarrassment and shame. 

Now I believe the more we share the more we begin to see that we are so much more alike than different. That lots of us struggle with mental health challenges including anxiety, depression and panic attacks. And that the treatment of mental health is just as important as the treatment of physical health. 

After a few years of therapy with Mike I am off my medication but I don’t ever see myself stopping our 1-1 sessions. At this point I feel like this continued work is esential for my growth and development. 

That’s it for today...I’m sure I will have more to share at some point. #livingonpurpose