Play the Dominoes!

This past weekend we took the family to an out of town soccer tournament for Ea. We decided to make a little vacation out of it and stay the night at a hotel instead of commuting 2 hours each way to the games.

It turned out to be the best decision ever. The hotel was in walking distance to the fields, it had a sweet outdoor pool, gazebo and outdoor grilling area. Instead of spending 4 hours a day in the car we had drinks by the pool while the kids swam. It was SO GOOD.

There were about 5 other families staying at the hotel and we had a little gazebo grill party on Saturday night. The kids ran around playing hide and seek while all the parents got to visit and relax.

While we were enjoying our gazebo party a woman came up to the group. She said that she was from out of town, staying at the hotel all summer on a work assignment and wondered if anyone wanted to play a game of dominoes.

Get this....She approached a group of 10 strangers who were sitting in a pretty closed off circle and asked for what she wanted.

You may think that this is no biggie, but to me this was super BRAVE!!

Watching someone go after what they want, big or small, is such an inspiration!!!

How many times do we (I) not ask for what we want due to...

...fear of rejection

...fear of being embarrassed

...lack of confidence

...fear of someone saying NO

...self doubt

I dare you... no, I double-dog dare you to...


Go after your dreams.

Chase those goals.

Play the Dominoes!!!

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