My Inner Pamela

That time I channeled my inner Pamela Anderson (Baywatch Pamela not Playboy Pamela).

Anyway, it was amazing and you should do it too... because positive body image and self-love and all that.

...and self love is hard, at least it is for me when I am not rocking my 'goal weight'. I know all the tricks (gratitude journal, affirmations, meditation, etc.) but sometimes it is just plain hard to love myself in a bathing suit.

A little tip: surround yourself with peeps who love you Just The Way You Are... love is contagious!!

Two weeks ago this is what helped get me out of my funk and into this sexy red one piece.

I was down in Scottsdale for a girls weekend. Truth be told I wasn't very excited about the trip because cellulite, back fat and zero thigh gap... and these chicas were like Fuck That!!

There was ZERO time spent in negativity. No talk about diets, macros, calories. It was Ah-Maz-Ing!!!


Take me up on my little tip. You won't regret it.

XO, Mari


Bathing Suit.jpg