Ignite a Passion!!

I love a good challenge. Not in the 'double-dog-dare you' sort of way. I like a challenge that kick-starts a bigger goal. A challenge that ignites passion back into an area of my life. When I wanted to improve my diet I started a 'Smoothie Challenge'. When I wanted to create a morning practice I started a 'Miracle Morning Challenge'. Now I want to get back into running so I started a 'Mile-A-Day' challenge.

Usually my challenges go for 10 days. A sort of mini-sprint towards creating a new habit. Turns out that this amount of time is not sufficient for me and my set-in-stone ways. I mean, I haven't had a smoothie in a year! And since I am serious about my Mile-A-Day challenge I extended then time frame to a solid 30 days.

For one month I challenged myself to run ONE MILE every single day.

It turns out that this was the best thing that I could have done for myself because on day 12 an opportunity presented itself. An opportunity that wouldn't have come around if I had stopped at day 10.

Last weekend we decided to take an end of the summer vacation to get out of the heat. We planned our road trip to Ocean Shores to build sand castles, boogie board and have a bonfires on the beach. During our beach day, as I watched all the kids run around me I realized that I could actually run my mile here... on the beach.

So on day 12 I did something that I have never done before. I ran on the beach.


It was such an amazing opportunity. An opportunity that I would have never considered if 1. I had not started the challenge and 2. I finished the challenge at day 10.

Currently I am half way done with my Mile-a-Day challenge and excited to see what other opportunities present itself in the next two week. This is turning out to be way more fun that I would have ever expected.

What goal could you kick start with a challenge?

What area of life could use some passion?

Let me know....I just may join you.

I am always up for a good challenge!!