Get Your Daydream On...

We have taken a few road trips this summer and each time we go we power up the electronics. It is always a frantic scramble to make sure everything is fully this weird fear that our kids will get bored or bother us.

We all have been programed to depend on our devices whenever there is a moment of calm. Whenever there is a lull in the constant go-go-go of life we turn to our phones. We fear the lulls.... like...

When we re on a road trip.

Or waiting in line at the grocery store.

Or chilling at a restaurant waiting for the rest of the party to arrive.'s like was are too awkward or scary to just BE.

Driving home on one of these road trips I noticed Xavier just staring out the window. We were driving through the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Legit, some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites ever and X was just taking it all in. Across the car my middle child was hunched over in her seat, ear buds fastened on her ears and binging Grey's Anatomy on her phone. I don't think that she has spoken a word, let alone moved, in over an hour.

And then there was X just daydreaming away. The reason: his iPad had died and he was waiting for a charge. For a few moments he had forgotten about the iPad and was in complete daydream mode. He was happy as a clam in his own little eight year old world... exactly where he should be.

At first I was sad... sad for all the gorgeous scenery that he had missed on other road trips. Sad for his little brain and our over allotment of screen time in these situations. Sad that my daughter was missing all the goodness right outside her window.

And then I was jealous... because, when was the last time I daydreamed? When have I last gotten completely wrapped up in my own imagination.

Don't get me wrong I am up in my head a lot. Thinking of all the things that I need to do. Thinking of all the ways those things could go wrong. Thinking about the past and all the ways that I 'coulda', 'woulda' or 'shoulda' handled a situation. I do this to a fault.

What I'm talking about being up in my head in a good way... a daydream positive way a happy place

...a wistful place

...full of imagination

...full of dreams

I don't go here nearly enough.... time to get my daydream back on!