On Apologies...

Can we take a minute to discuss the both dreaded and craved 'apology'.

When something deserving of an "I'm Sorry" comes up...

...it's both hard to give up

...and it's definitely something we want to hear

Me and Xavier had a pretty chaotic morning today. I had snoozed a few times, we couldn't find his shoes and he was having a rough hair day. Don't judge, you know you've been there  :)

The bus comes at 8:08 and were pretty much ready. I was brushing my teeth at 8:05 when I heard IT...the screeching sound of the bus breaking in front of the house. I ran out of the bathroom, watched the bus pull away and yelled 'what the hell' while toothpaste bubbles spray out of my mouth. Xavier is looking at me with his big, sweet, eight-year-old, brown eyes... in complete fear. I am sure that his little innocent mind was saying, 'OHHHH SHIT....mom is passed. What did I do?'

I see his fear and quickly soften. I let him know that it's all good and that I will get him to school... no need to worry. He suggests that we chase the bus. Now he is speaking my language. Monday Morning Adventure Continues...

We catch the bus a few houses down and the bus driver is a complete sweetie. I ask her what time our pickup is and verify that I was correct, 8:08. She could sense my confusion and so we synchronize our clocks. They were off.... obviously. She gives me her cell phone number 'just in case I am running late again'. (ha ha)

At 8:42, after the kids were dropped at school, I get a text from her:

"I apologize I did a time check with dispatch and my clock was almost 4 minutes fast....I apologize for your inconvenience..."

The apologies were not required. She did not need to text me. It was SO genuine. So sincere.... it got me thinking.

How often do we miss an opportunity to offer up an apology?

I know that Xavier could have used a quick apology when I freaked out when the bus drove away. But I chose not to.

I could be more generous with my "I'm Sorry-s"....

I'm gonna go talk to Xavier about it right now.

Who could use a genuine apology from you today

It's a tough one to think about....