It's okay to do it alone

When was the last time that you did something by yourself? No, I'm not talking about taking a shower...

...I'm talking about doing something that you wouldn't 'normally' do alone...something that may make you a little bit uncomfortable.

Well... tonight I am doing JUST THAT!

I am heading into my first Adult Hip Hop class. This is actually the first dance class that I have EVER taken... unless you count that square dancing lessons all sixth graders are forced to take. Other than that I am new to this 'dance' thing.

Ever since I watched Lady Gaga rock the Superbowl half time show last year I have wanted to learn to dance. Gaga freaking rocked that stage and I was totally jealous of her moves. (when I get jealous it means something good is about to happen)

So I did some research and found a little studio that offers adult hip hop one night a week.

I told a few girlfriends about this class and everyone's first question is, 'Who are you going with?'. The answer, 'Nobody'...I'm going solo.

Just me walking into a dance class full of strangers with zero experience. Yes, I am nervous! And no, I won't let that stop me!

2001 was the year I learned that it's okay to do things solo. It was the summer that I spent up in Anchorage by myself. I was 19, about to head to Italy for a year abroad and needed to rack up as much cash as possible. My dad hooked me up with a job in a fishing cannery and sent me on my way.... for the entire summer, by myself, in Alaska.

That was the summer that I learned to do things by myself. I took myself out to dinner when we had the rare night off. I took myself to the local church when I had the VERY rare Sunday off. I took myself to the beach. I learned how to spoon and 'grade' a salmon by myself....

I learned that if I wanted something badly enough that it was okay to do it alone.

When was the last time that you did something by yourself?

...I challenge you to try something solo and see what happens.

Also, wish me luck in my dance class tonight. Eek!!!