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Living on Purpose

1:1 Lifestyle Coaching

Why you would hire a Life Coach?

When you want to 'tone up or slim down' you hire a Personal Trainer (coach)

When you want to fuel your body and eat clean you hire a nutritionist (coach)

When you want to learn a foreign language you hire a tutor (coach)

When you want to improve writing and produce better copy you take an online course (coach)

When you want to maximize sales and master your technique you read a book (coach)

When you want to you take yourself and your life to the Next Level.....

Your Hire a Life Coach (me)

What you can expect when you hire me:

I only work with 10 One-on -One Clients at a time which allows me to...

  • Provide a Clear Path to Living a more Purposeful Life

  • Set clear goals, provide a step by step process to get there, and hold you accountable through the process

  • I share insight, ideas and thoughts on different strategies that ensure your success

Pricing for all coaching sessions starts at $125/hour

If you are looking to up your game and expand your mindset, you should reach out and meet Mari. I think you’ll be inspired too!
— Danielle M.