Let's find the right fit for you!

I offer 1:1 Lifestyle Coaching referred to as Living on Purpose and Group Coaching in my 30 Day Challenges. You will find detailed information about each option below. If you still have questions after reviewing it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Living on Purpose | Culture Coaching (Life and Business Coaching)

Living on Purpose

1:1 Lifestyle Coaching

Why you would hire a Life Coach?

When you want to 'tone up or slim down' you hire a Personal Trainer (coach)

When you want to fuel your body and eat clean you hire a nutritionist (coach)

When you want to learn a foreign language you hire a tutor (coach)

When you want to improve writing and produce better copy you take an online course (coach)

When you want to maximize sales and master your technique you read a book (coach)

When you want to you take yourself and your life to the Next Level.....

Your Hire a Life Coach (me)

What you can expect when you hire me:

I only work with 10 One-on -One Clients at a time which allows me to...

  • Provide a Clear Path to Living a more Purposeful Life

  • Set clear goals, provide a step by step process to get there, and hold you accountable through the process

  • I share insight, ideas and thoughts on different strategies that ensure your success

Pricing for all coaching sessions starts at $125/hour

If you are looking to up your game and expand your mindset, you should reach out and meet Mari. I think you’ll be inspired too!
— Danielle M.
Living on Purpose | Culture Coaching (Life and Business Coaching)

Group Coaching

30 DAy Challenge

"Upgrade your Habits. Upgrade your Life”

The intention behind the challenge is to form a new and intentional daily habit. Whether you want to focus on fitness, diet or your emotional health….it’s up to you!

What you get…

  • Increased Happiness & Fulfillment - Guaranteed

  • Guidance choosing YOUR unique habit of focus

  • Develop a ‘No Excuse Mentality’

  • 30 Days of Rock Solid Accountability & Encouragement

  • Workbook & Resource Guide to help you stay on track

  • Access to our private Facebook Group

The steps are easy & effective.

  1. Choose: You decide which new habit you are craving.

  2. Do: With the daily accountability & inspiration you complete your challenge each day.

  3. Write: You track your progress, insights & ah-ha moments.

Pricing for all challenges $100/month

...the commitment became a habit I now look forward to...and your daily accountability, encouragement & group support were everything that resulted in my success.
— Carol L.