Living on Purpose: Lifestyle Coaching

Breaking down walls and building up trust so that we can live the life of our dreams.
Working with clients in the greater Seattle area and virtually.


3 options to fit your needs


Lifestyle Coaching

1) Achieve Anything

6 week coaching program designed to help you set goals and hold you accountable

2) One-on-One Lifestyle Coaching

ongoing one-on-one coaching that provides a clear path to living a more purposeful life

Business Coaching

3) Culture Coaching

coaching to help you intentionally create the culture you want for your small business

Living on Purpose | Culture Coaching (  Life and Business   Coaching)
Living on Purpose | Culture Coaching (  Life and Business   Coaching)

Wondering if this is for you?

If you have been feeling stuck in any aspect of your life or you know deep down that things can be so much better, I would encourage you to get a coach. Mari has an incredible gift for helping people create a kick-ass culture for their lives. If that even slightly sounds like something you want, then contact Mari. She is hands down amazing at what she does!
— Kelly O'Gara | Boston, MA

Ready to make 2018 the year you start LIVING ON PURPOSE? 

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