Journal Prompts

So many of my clients tell me that they HATE to journal.

I can hear the absolute loathing in their voices.

It makes me curious because my journal is my safe place.

.....The place where I just get to BE.

.....The place that holds no judgment.

.....The place that holds my tears and most happy moments.

If journaling is something that you have always wanted to do I am here to help. I have 21 journal writing prompts for you!

(quick tips)

......Hold no judgment

......Challenge yourself

......Get Creative


......Have FUN

1. 21 Things that you are grateful for?

2. Write everything you can about your DREAM vacation.

3. What did you want to be when you grew up, why?

4. Write about the current weather and how it is affecting your mood.

5. Who is your biggest mentor or role model? Why?

6. What was your first childhood memory?
7. How do you get inspired?

8. When is the last time you got your feelings hurt?

9. If you could date a famous person who would it be and why?

10. What is your favorite Disney movie? Why?

11. If you won a huge lottery jackpot what would you do first?

12. What are 20 of your greatest attributes?

13. What are you afraid of and why?

14. What is your favorite book, why?

15. If you no longer had to work for an income what would you do with all your time?

16. What is your biggest pet peeve?

17. What is your nightly routine?

18. What is your morning routine?

19. What is the favorite place you have ever visited?

20. What are 3 Random Acts of Kindness I could do today?

21. What was your BEST and WORST moments from yesterday?

....just get over it

“I just need to get over it.”

I have had two friends say this to me recently in conversation.

My reply to both, “what if you don’t actually need to get over it?”

....say wha??

Here’s what I mean: these friends are working through some real shit, major life events that have brought up some heavy emotions.

They don’t want to feel ‘down’ anymore so they keep telling themselves to just get over it.

The problem is that life events stay with us for a long time, maybe our entire lives. Some things are not 100% ‘get-over-able’.

...and that is okay.

What we CAN do are things like....start the work to process & heal. Take excellent care of ourselves through the transition & beyond. Talk to people who love & care about us. We can learn to live with it & shower ourselves with empathy.

No sister, you don’t need to get over it.

You are perfect just the way you are.


A few months ago I went to a book signing with some girlfriends. The book was 'Bare' and the author Susan Hyatt. Miss Susan got up on stage and did her amazing thing...then she got all 'coachy' on us.

She asked us to break into small groups and talk about something that we were totally 100% craving for our lives. Some crazy goal that we've had. She encouraged us to think big, dream & have fun.

Mine: Living on Purpose Podcast

Then Susan suggested that we share our big goal with the group and state it as a commitment.

"I will launch my Living on Purpose Podcast"

Accountability at it's finest.

The cool thing about works. When you tell someone your commitment your chances of your success skyrockets. So sister, what big crazy scary amazing goal are you just dreaming to go after?

I double dog dare you to post your goal in the comments below. If that's too much I challenge you to tell a friend. Still too cray-cray, shoot me a message...I'm a pretty dang good accountability partner.

Just get yourself some accountability!

You've got this. We've got this.  

P.S. Podcast coming soon. Eek


At the gym yesterday I ran into a girlfriend I haven’t seen in awhile. She looked fabulous...strong and healthy. We chatted for a few minutes, then went our separate ways. 

It dawned on me that I didn’t TELL her that she looked fab. 

A week ago I got the sweetest message from a friend on social. The message was JUST what I needed and brought me to happy tears. 

This woman didn’t need to TELL me the things that she was thinking but she did. She took the time to write me a note and to make my day.

I thoughts of her yesterday when I failed to tell my friend how good she looked. So I picked up my phone and shot her a quick text TELLING her.

Telling makes all the difference.

What good do our positive/kind words have if we keep them to ourselves. 

Spread the love and TELL someone how amazing they are today, tomorrow & every time you think it!!

Just Go Ride

I bought a new bike about a month ago. A gorgeous baby blue Trek....I couldn't wait to get out there!

My first ride was pretty clunky...I didn’t know what I was doing. Didn’t know how to use the gears. Couldn’t figure out whether to be on the sidewalk or road. I was a mess. 

I texted my girlfriend who has been riding for years. I asked her all the things...her response:

“Just go ride.”

I was confused...just go ride? 

But what about all my questions, my uncertainty, my clunky-ness?

“Just go ride” was her response again. 

So, I’ve been riding. I’ve been clunky as hell...and I’ve been figuring it out. 

On my ride this morning I realized that this advice is SO good. Not just for learning to rules of the road, but for life in general. 

How many times do we choose NOT to do something because we don’t know “how”? 

What is it that you want to learn how to do?

What goals have you been putting off?

What dream just won’t leave you alone?

Lets take my girlfriends advice:

“Just go ride.”

Just say "NO"

Saying "no" is so important... its also so much easier when you've got your priorities straight.

I decided last August that my main priority was going to be getting my sweat on every single day.

At that point in my life I couldn't play with my kids without getting exhausted. I was tired most of the time and felt physically & emotionally heavy.

I decided that an easy way to get my sweat on was to run a mile a day. It was something that I could do quickly and on the daily. I knew that if I ran a mile a day, if I got my sweat on every day, my energy would increase and the heaviness would lift.

On one of these mile-a-day runs I had a neighbor flag me down....He motioned for me to stop and to take out my ear buds.... which I did while continuing to run in place. He asked if he could show me something really quickly. I thought for a second and then politely said:

 "No. I am going to finish my run and would come back when I was done."

My neighbor starred at me in shock as I plugged my ear buds back in and hustled off to finish my mile.

You see, I had a priority.

That priority was ME & my MILE.

In order to keep my priority straight I needed to say "No".

...and it's okay, it's more than okay... it's NECESSARY to say "No" to the things that try to block you & your priorities.

It's okay to say no.

It's okay to stick to your priorities.

It's okay to keep your promises to yourself.  

It's okay. It's NECESSARY.

So, girl, what are your priorities?

Are you staying true to them?

Are you saying "No" to all the things that try to pull you away?

Morning Routine

 What's your Morning Routine?

Everyone has one... what's yours?

Mine used to be.... snooze (times ten), wake up at the last possible moment, rush around with my head cut off, shove the kids on the bus, grab a cup of coffee for the road and head out the door....ALREADY exhausted.

I knew something had to change... so I read the book "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. I nightly recommend it!

The book motivated me to wake up early and work on the practices suggested by Hal: Write, Exercise, Read, Visualize, Meditate, Affirmations. The book say to wake up an hour early & to dedicate at least 10 minutes to each of these areas.

Wonderful in theory.... but it didn't work for me. I tried (and quit), I tried (and quit), I tried (and quit). After all these attempts and failures I realized a few things:

1. I was trying to do TOO much out of the gate.


2. I needed a tribe...I needed some accountability.

I also realized that I am NOT alone in this struggle so I started 30 day challenges... where we (as a group) dedicate an entire month to forming a new, small & sustainable habit.

We spend 15 minutes on our 'commitment'... yup, that's it, just 15 minutes. We do it daily... and WA-lah. Habit Formed.

What if I told you that you could go from 'chronic snoozer' to 'morning person' in just 15 minutes.

That you could....

...slowly enjoy your first cup of coffee.

...start the day with intention & focus. in control of your day from the moment you woke up.

Multiple participates in past challenges have decided to make their morning routine one that they are intentional about.

They reported things like:

  • Organized House

  • Calm Kids

  • Weight Loss

  • Better Sleep

  • Healthier Food Choices

  • Happier Marriage

  • Personal Development

I'm NOT kidding you... these challenges work. The habits we create are sustainable.

Craving an intentional morning routing..... let's talk!!

{or if you are READY, join the June Challenge}

Road Blocks

True Story...most of my creative thoughts come to me while I’m exercising. I write most blog posts while peddling my heart out on the stationary bike. 

This morning my theme was going to be ‘road blocks’. Things that pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, in an attempt to divert you from going after your goals. 

I walked out of the locker room to find my ‘creativity chair’ out of order. Tears literally sprung to my eyes....

My theme couldn’t be more appropriate. 


I was going to write about how I started running again....just a mile a day. My goal was to become a ‘runner’ again. Then my back started acting up. 

Road Block

I was going to write about how I started to eat a salad a day. My goal was to clean up my diet, to feel better & get in the habit of making healthy food choices. Then my stomach totally revolts with massive cramping & gas. 

Road Block

I was going to write about how instead of running I bought a bike and have fallen in love with the open roads. That I now go on a few family bike rides each week. That I never would have discovered the benefits of the bike had it not been for my back and this road block. 

I was going to write about how I started a food journal to track my diet. That I was able to pin point the type of lettuce that throws me off. That I experimented with different veggies & protein. That my diet has actually been MORE intentional because of this road block. 

Today, I wiped my tears & hopped on the treadmill. I got my creativity flowing in a different way and was able to walk my ‘road block’ talk. 

The moral of these true stories...road blocks suck. 

They also offer an opportunity to try something new. 

To experiment. 

To NOT give up. 

Don’t let that road block get between you and your bad ass’ve got this!!

50 Self-Care ideas

1. Write yourself a LOVE note

2. Start a journal

3. Read a book

4. Go on a walk

5. Get your sweat on

6. Get a manicure/pedicure

7. Take a bath

8. Listen to an uplifting podcast

9. Download an audible book

10. Get a hair blowout

11. Meditate

12. Call a girlfriend

13. Buy yourself flowers

14. Get a facial

15. Cook a new meal

16. Get a massage

17. Take a bike ride

18. Go to a Farmers Market

19. Try a new restaurant

20. Visit a cozy coffee shop

21. Light a candle

22. Watch your favorite movie

23. Buy a new pair of shoes

24. Do a random act of kindness

25. Write a letter to a friend

26. Practice yoga

27. Try Flotation Therapy

28. Go on a hike

29. Watch the sunrise

30. Watch the sunset

31. Have a glass of wine

32. Take a social media break

33. Get 8 hours of sleep

34. Write 20 positive self attributes

35. De-clutter a drawer or small space

36. Have dinner with friends

37. Take a nap

38. Drink lots of water

39. Say "no"

40. Enjoy breakfast in bed

41. Have a dance party

42. Go on a joy ride

43. Watch the stars

44. Drink a green smoothie

45. Give a nice long hug

46. Clean out who you 'follow' on social

47. Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing

48. Have a good laugh

49. Practice belly breathing

50. Write a 'gratitude' list

You Get the Credit

"I have been pretty darn productive this week. I credit this challenge for getting me focused." - May Challenge Participant

Oh how I love this. I love me some props. I love a good pat on the back. I crave positive reinforcement.

And the credit isn't (all) mine.

Its one thing to sign up for a challenge, a course or a program. Signing up & paying the deposit is the easy part. The hard part is every single day that comes after. When you actually have to 'do' what you commit to.

The credit goes to the dedicated.

The determined.

Have you every signed up for something only to quit have way through.... guilty here.

Knowing this, I designed a 30 day challenge that can easily be completed... with one intention: to form an intentional new habit.

My life is slowly changing 30 days at a time....I am so grateful to those coming along with me on this journey. Those dedicated to the process of becoming the best version of themselves. Those who deserve the credit.

Whats your (ONE) passion?

You don't know your life's PASSION yet?!?! 


One of my favorite inspo books is "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. The basis...find your passion, go after it with reckless abandon, don’t loose faith, keep going and then

'Wha-La' all of your dreams come true.

Here’s the catch...each time I read this book I have a different ‘passion’. First it was passion for my insurance agency. The next time I was passionate about my coaching practice. The last time my passion was my writing. 

Well shit. 

Aren't we supposed to know & live our one passion?

Aren't we supposed to let our ‘why’ lead us?

Our purpose must be realized and followed, right?

What pressure!!

I just finished a Super Soul Podcast and had to stop on this bench to write my feelings. Elizabeth Gilbert was the guest and she debunked her own favorite inspo book. What the what?!?!

She admit that what she used to preached wasn’t true for most. That most people live a life going after one passion and then another and so on. Most people are multi-passionate.

Oh thank the Lord.

She suggest that instead of constantly looking for our ONE passion that we instead stay curious.

Curious to what we are excited about right now.

Curious to what lights our soul on fire this moment.

Curious.... not passionate.

Thank you, Liz Gilbert, you just saved this multi-passionate soul.

Don't Give Up

Let's talk about Giving Up....(cuz I used to do it all the time)

As I set out on my run this morning (my goal is 60 miles in Dec) my joints felt rusty. Specifically my low back/hip wasn't feeling right. Every time my right foot came forward I felt a little kink in my step. It hurt...not an injury sort of hurt, just felt a little stiff and achy. I started making deals with myself early in the run.…instead of running the full 2.5 miles, how about I settle for a mile. I was about to use this little kink as my way of giving up.

At the half mile mark I had worked out the kink and felt good enough to go the full 2.5 miles.

Had this been 4 months ago I would have stopped running, turned back home, and given up because of my rusty old joints. Not any more!

Today is day 8 of my latest challenge… Salad-a-Day. This month I have commit to eating a salad for lunch or dinner... instead of my normal diet. For the past week I have eaten the biggest salads I could find... trying to fill up on lettuce and protein so that I wouldn't be hungry an hour later.

Apparently changing up one's diet this drastically can have pretty tough side effects on the digestive system. For the past 2 days my stomach has felt bloated & empty & crampy & gassy ......not fun at all. It would be SO easy to give up... this excuse seems pretty legit right about now. But giving up is not what my challenges are about.

The challenges are about learning, gaining insight, making adjustments and pushing through in order to form a habit.

Today, instead of a leaf green salad I will try something new. Maybe a Greek Salad?? Maybe a Quinoa Salad?? (suggestions accepted).

The point is.... don't give up!

Look for other options.

Look for small adjustments.

Look for ways to bust through your excuses.

Look to your accountable partners for help.

Don't give up... this is one thing you won't regret.



Triggered...some more

When was the last time that you were triggered?

When was the last time that you got annoyed?

When was the last time that you felt super jealous?

I really hate (like most everyone) feeling triggered or annoyed or jealous... for me it's usually a sign. A sign, that I am craving something different in my life, that I should take a closer look at the situation.

A few years ago (yep I remember it like it was yesterday) I went out to dinner with 5 successful women. We started this tradition of dinner once a year to celebrate our kick-ass successes and female entrepreneurship. (cuz we rock)

That year one of the bad ass women wasn't drinking. When we asked her why she casually said that she was 'doing a thing'... so no booze for her.  

It bugged me for weeks (years). Her and 'her thing' just got right under my skin and rubbed me the wrong way.

Here's the issue: I hadn't had 'A Thing' for a Really Long Time and I was jealous.

… I was jealous of her willpower.

… I was jealous of her attitude about it (positive).

… I was jealous that she knew what changes she wanted to make.... and then DID it.

Damn. It. All.

Anyway.... now I have 'A Thing' and I don't care if it triggers or annoys or makes anyone a little bit jealous because 'My Thing' is SO good. (and I want you in on this goodness)

The January Challenge

Are you craving 'a thing'? I've totally got you! There is STILL time to join the 30 day challenge and to get after 'your thing'.




Okay I’m about to say something that trigger you… 

🤷🏻‍♀️ Oh Well 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rachel Hollis bugs me. 

Her attitude. Her hustle. Her success. Ugh!! She is doing all the things, looks flawless doing them and doesn’t seem to slow down. 

A few months back when I left her movie "Made for More" I told my girlfriend that I have a love/hate relationship with Rach. Ugh!!

I am realizing the reason for these feeling is that she holds up a mirror for me. She does all the things that I want to do. Speak, write, inspire, motivate. She does them so well.

I believe the term is jealousy... Ugh!!

She also says the things, the hard things, that I don’t want to hear. She is a straight shooter and calls me out at every turn.

 And most of the time she is RIGHT. Ugh! 

“If you can’t run a mile, you have a problem.”

(said at the point of my life where exercise was non-existent)

“Your ignorance is a choice.”

(said right after my excuse for not starting my group coaching program was because I didn’t know how)

“If your unhappy, that’s on you.”

(said after a crappy day in the office)

With her words she holds up a mirror that reveal the parts of me that I don’t want to acknowledge. 

She’s like the know-it-all big sister who is always right!! Ugh!!

Fast forward 4 months...

Listening to her has gotten easier...I am self-aware enough to realize that when her words bug me I should probably listen. That when I feel triggered I should take a look in the mirror. That I can make the necessary changes that will align me with my goals and dreams. (Thanks Rach!)

🖤 I am now running no less than 30 miles a month.

🖤 I have now launched my first group coaching program. (December Challenge)

🖤 I have become more intentional with my moods....they are a choice. 

Thinking about making some changes as you finish out 2018? Wondering if there is still time to go after your goals?

Join me in the December Challenge....let’s make it the best month of our year!!! 

Thigh Gap

Thigh Gap

... has never been my reason

Today I went 3 miles which gave me time to really reflect on WHY I started running again.

One the brilliant aspects of journaling is reflection. When I started my 1st 30 Day Challenge I wrote out the reasons behind my mile-a-day goal....

My entry from  August 1st, 2018:

Here are my reasons for joining this challenge:

  • Endurance -  I used to LOVE to run and since I have stopped my endurance in all things has diminished. I want to be able to easily register for a 10k and run it with ease.

  • Mind - running clears my mind and lowers my stress level.

  • Business - I get my best ideas while I run.

  • Energy - Right now my energy level feels low, I know that when I run it increases.

  • Body - I crave a strong & healthy body.

  • Soul - When I am in the flow, running feels like a meditation. I used to LOVE getting into this flow.

(I literally copied this straight out of my journal)

One of the concepts in my 30 day challenge is mindfulness through journaling.

When you join the challenge we get super clear on your reasons behind your personal goal. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to reflect 4 months later on this and see the progress I have made.

I want this for YOU.

Please consider join the challenge for all the right reasons. The group is already full of bad ass women.... we would LOVE to have you!! Curious on any aspect, message me!

How do you want to FEEL?

We are exactly 35 days away from do you want to feel heading into the New Year?

Do you want to feel energized and excited?

... instead of tired and worn down

Do you want to feel proud and successful?

... instead of discouraged and depleted

Do you want to feel joy and gratitude?

... instead of depleted and unhappy

Do you want to feel rested and relaxed?

... instead of manic and anxious

How you feel is a choice....

{yep, I said it}

How you feel is a choice and NOW is the time to go after exactly how you want to feel.

Here's how:

  • Decide how you want to feel heading into 2019

  • Set a game plan

  • Execute your game plan

We know  it is literally THAT easy but it is still so HARD to commit to the execution portion of the equation. Some tips:

  • Write it down

  • Schedule your game plan

  • Get an accountability partner

Looking for a little bit more help? Join the December 30 Day Challenge. The group is set up to provide all the inspiration, accountability and encouragement needed for you to head into 2019 feeling EXACTLY how you want to.

I love my life!

The other night we let Xavier watch a movie and eat Cheese-Its in our bed.

I know, I know...

...crumbs, bad habit, spoiled kid... whatever!

Anyway...I walked into the bedroom just as he leaned back into the pillows, laced his hands behind his head and said , "I love my life".

He had the perfect little grin of satisfaction on his eight-year-old face. A comfy bed, a good movie and a little snack was all it took for this wild child to realize just how good he's got it.

How often do we say that about our lives? How many times a day, week or month do you utter the words..."I love my life"?

We are three sleeps away from Thanksgiving, the day that is dedicated to being thankful and to loving our lives. I think that its the perfect time to adopt Xavier's simple mantra...

"I love my life"


What gets in your way of doing the most important task in your day?

Mine is good 'ol procrastination.

Take this morning for example.... the most important things that I need to get done are writing this blog and outlining video content for my challenge.

These things are not particularly 'hard' they do however make me a bit uncomfortable. I know that they will get done 'eventually'... so here I am putting them off again and again.

I've cleaned the kitchen & bathrooms. I've done loads of laundry. I've gone on my run. Not because these things are more important.... they are just easier. PLUS they don't make me 'uncomfortable'.

Here is my game plan this week to beat my procrastination: Every night I will write down my Most Important Task for the following day. The next morning I will commit to doing this ONE thing first... before any other chore or task... even if it makes me 'uncomfortable'.

Time to kick this procrastination bullshit to the curb!


I did NOT want to go outside in the freezing cold Saturday morning to go on my run today. I wanted to sleep in, snuggle with the hubs, have a cup of coffee in front of the fire, and put a heating pad on for my cramps. Today I had all the excuses.... so I leaned on my No Excuse Mentality... laced up the sneaks and hit the pavement.

This mentality is something that I developed back in August when I embarked on my first 30 day challenge. In August I commit to running one mile a day for an entire month. During that month I had ALL the excuses and learned how to bust through them and still get my mile in. By doing this, by developing a no excuse mentality, I was able to form a habit.

A habit that is still in full effect four months later. (even when the excuses still creep in)

Today was a day that I could have used a laundry list of excuses to not run. And that's not what happens when you commit to yourself and this 30 day challenge. When you join this challenge you strengthen you will-power and learn how to overcome the excuses.

Is there a habit that you have been craving to form? Is there something that you have put off doing? Is there a goal for 2018 that is still yet to be reached?

If so, I invite you join us in December. The group is already full of bad ass women who are also committed to themselves and their challenge.

Join us!

It truly is life changing.


I have to admit, when I started putting myself and my 30 day challenge out there I was as naively excited. 

Like, beyond excited. These simple challenges have changed my life and I feel compelled to share them with the world.  

I assumed that my crazy excitement would be shared by the masses. (ha ha)

So I started marketing my challenge...and was told no. Not once or twice but many times. At first I was confused...they must not understand how amazing this challenge is. Then my emotions caught up with me and I started to doubt I doing the right thing?

Then the yes’s started to roll first registration..then my second...then 3 in one day!!!!

These yes’s renewed my excitement and enthusiasm.... AND in order to keep up the yes’s rolling in I will need to keep asking. No’s will happen AND no longer will they debilitate me...they are motivation to keep asking. 

“Don’t let a few no’s keep you from asking again...the no’s are in no way a representation of your worth.” - ME