Act the Way You Want to Feel

I don't want to RUN.

I don't want to RUN.

I don't want to RUN.

I want to RUN.

I will RUN.

I am currently sitting here in my super cozy office. Comfy lounge clothes on. Sipping my hot coffee. doTerra and candles making the room all Hygge.

(get the idea)

My mind is telling me that the last thing I want to do it get myself up, squeeze into the sports bra, lace up the sneaks and hit the pavement for a RUN. (slow trot)

Why though?

 The truth is I do want to run.

I love the way I feel during my RUNS.... strong, healthy, enjoying nature, soaking up my surroundings.

I love the way I feel after my RUNS..... accomplished, committed, powerful, energized.

So, where is the rub? Why do we tell ourselves that we don't want to do the things that make us feel SO good?

I heard or read somewhere that we should "Act the Way We Want to Feel" and it really stuck with me. This mantra gets me off my couch and into the sports bra and out the door.

Act the Way YOU Want to Feel

What do you want most in your life..... can you think of ways that you can ACT out the FEELING?

Want to feel healthy....

      .....make dinner at home instead of going out.

Want to feel more connected to your partner......

     ......give them a long hug or hold their hand in the car.

Want to feel more productive....

    ......tackle your hardest task first thing in the morning.

Get your Acting on!!!