It is okay for me to be TRUE

So you know how my 2017 Word is True..... well..... this week I pushed the limits a bit (for me anyway).

Every Thursday at 10am I see my therapist for a number of reasons. Each time I make the :30 minute commute I drive through a little coffee stand to get my vanilla latte right before I am expected in his office.  The baristas at this coffee stand are wonderful and they always ask me what I have going on for the day... and every time I tell them a ''version of the truth'.....a LIE. A small lie, but a lie all the same. I say, oh I am meeting a friend or I have an appointment or that I am headed out for a walk.

...but not this week

This week when the barista asked me what I was doing I told the truth. I said, "I am meeting my therapist". They both looked genuinely confused, "What is that?" they ask.  I tell them that it is a place and time where I get to talk to someone who I trust about the hard and ugly and happy and beautiful of my life... you know a place where I work things out.

Honestly, I was ready for a twenty year old eye roll.... but what I got.... was so tender. She said, "Oh I think I could use some of that."

We laughed and wished each other a great day and I thought... wow, it is actually okay for me to show up as myself?

Is it okay to be TRUE?

Is it okay to not try to impress?

Is it okay to be honest?

Is it okay to be vulnerable?


I learned that it is okay for me to continue showing up... just the way I am.

That what I bring is enough.

That it is actually more than enough...... it is living on purpose.

You are Enough.